Sunday, April 14, 2013

tralfamadore express

NaPoWriMo belated Day 4: Iain M. Banks-esque title... I don't really know who that is - poorly informed writer, I know - but we were supposed to derive the title from his spaceship names. But, I'm a HUGE Kurt Vonnegut fan, so I played off the spaceship idea & went with that. Tralfamadorians see time as non-linear, with every moment happening at the same time, & that was my inspiration. So.... yeah. So it goes.

a life composed of countless angles
intersecting, interweaving, intertwining
to create a network, a mesh
of triangles
each one a window to
events, people, places
past, present, future
eras, decades, minutes, seconds
moments so brief they flash by
but not here
where they play out over & over
whether they want to or not
because from above,
viewed by a star
nameless & unfamiliar from
the infinite blemishes of space -
all of life & death
autonomous & inanimate should it be
are just blips on a radar
watched by no one
happenings so often, so simultaneous
they have become the racketing noise
the subconscious tunes out
the triangular web catches them all
like the pattern etched into your hands
should any be interested -
even for a brief blip in eternity -
in turning them over
& appreciating their objective worth
it knows -
this meant something
to someone
some time.

the world is quiet here

NaPoWriMo belated Day 3: Sea Shanty - I tweaked it a little & went with a nautical theme instead!

lurking, shrouded in night
cool, fluid movements
like silk
dancing in beams of light
bursting through the surface
undulating like slow-blinking
morning eyes
the swirling particles
make a trail of stardust
in my wake
skimming the surface
to allow a glimpse
of myself - of them
to caress that life -
but it is only to be observed
with ignorant wonder
darting back to crevices
ears ringing, the fast-building pressure
moving across the cold, familiar
collapsing in on myself
filling the spaces & embracing
the impenetrable nothingness
i lie in wait for the sunshine
to find me here.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making up the Difference

NaPoWriMo belated Day 2: A poem that tells a lie

When I was four
I told my brother we were born
with identical parts.
When I was five
I said green was my favourite colour
so I could go play in the sandpit
& maintained this belief
for the next ten years.
When I was eight
I beat up the boys
& said I hated them -
they only wanted to talk to her.
When I was nine
I forgot how to spell "acrobat"
& didn't get into the spelling bee.
When I was eleven
I set aside my interests
& matured, tired of being
the youngest in class.
When I was thirteen
I decided I didn't want friends
& stopped talking for a year.
When I was sixteen
I thought it was good
that no one asked me to prom -
& laughed about it.
When I was seventeen
I thought I loved you.
When I was eighteen
I said I loved you.
When I was nineteen
I was done trying
& said it was okay.
When I was nineteen
I died.
When I was twenty
there was no room for emotions.
I am twenty-one.
I have no regrets.
I am self-fulfilled
& fearless.


NaPoWriMo belated Day 1: Same first line as another poem.
(Edna St. Vincent Millay, 'Departure')

It's little I care what path I take,
as long as it promises new.
I've been wandering now
for eternity & a week,
glistening - melting - the morning dew.
The signs had ceased ages ago -
Or did I stop answering? -
caught up in keeping off the madness,
though it's best for me, I know.
Just how long have I been circling?
They ask me what I'm doing
and I tell them my master plan.
But really it's a mystery,
I'm only doing what I can.
So I'll press the reset button,
get it started once again.
And when I get that fancy paper
then I'll know it's not the end.